Tour de Mont Blanc

Map of the route The Tour de Mont Blanc is one of the classic walks in the Alps. The map above shows the route I followed, but there are a number of variations possible. It takes about 10 days for a normal hiker (or about 16 hours if you're one of the maniacs who runs all the way!). You can stay at camp sites, in mountain refuges, or in hotels, and do the trip independently or with one of a number of tour operators; I travelled with Exodus and stayed at camp sites. I did the walk clockwise, starting from Les Praz, which has the advantage of leaving the hardest part till last, but most of the guide books seem to describe it in the opposite direction. To follow the tour and see some of the highlights, click the ▶ button on the menu above; to go back to my photos page, click the ↵ button.

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